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This is Galliance, a traditional scale (1:9) Warmblood stallion, sculpted and produced by Eva Rossiter.

Galliance is the first part in the 5-part Dressage Series and he comes is a 5% discount coupon for any subsequent release within this series of resins. More info can be found here: Dressage Series Information

Modelled after an eager and enthusiastic dressage horse, performing a medium trot for a dressage test. While Galliance might not be a dressage master yet, he is keen and forward going and has seemingly been waiting the whole test for the cues for medium trot. As soon as he gets the signal he springs into action! Wait 'till someone tells him extended trot is a thing.

Medium trot: is one of the four standard modes of trot seen on dressage tests, the others being collected trot, working trot and extended trot. In terms of extension, medium trot sits in between working trot and extended trot. It requires the lengthening of the stride whilst maintaining the same tempo. Impulsion is key in a good medium trot and this will see the horse's outline becoming a little longer while retaining roundness and reaching through the back.


The resins are made from hollow cast polyurethane resin and have stainless steel supports in the legs and tail. Each Galliance comes with a certificate of authenticity and a removeable base.

Payment Options

Price: $345 each including tracked shipping worldwide. 


Time Payments

There are three time payment options available. The initial deposit is paid through the website and the remainder via Paypal subscription which will be set up after the deposit has been paid.

Short Time Payments Medium Time Payments Long Time Payments

A $45 deposit

Followed by x2 monthly payments of $150

A $45 deposit

Followed by x4 monthly payments of $75

A $45 deposit

Followed by x6 monthly payments of $50

I am happy to work out alternative payment schedules with you if you wish, you can email me at


Shipping Information

Galliance is being shipped from my studio in Ireland. All orders are shipped via AnPost Registered Mail and a tracking number will be provided to you once your order has been dispatched.

Please Note: The resins are cast to order, please allow a few weeks for your Galliance to be dispatched. I will keep you informed on when your Galliance is ready to ship.

If paying via time payments, your Galliance will be dispatched once the final payment has been received. 

Unfortunately due to current postal restrictions, I am unable to ship to Russia.


Unpainted hollow cast polyurethane resin with stainless steel supports in legs and tail.


1:9 - Traditional scale


You may alter and resculpt this resin however you like provided you claim the alterations as your own work and do not reproduce the results in whole or in part.

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