Resin Series Information

What is the Dressage Series?

The Dressage Series is a collection of 5 resins themed around a variety of dressage movements. The first horse in the series is Galliance, a horse performing the Medium Trot.

Each horse will be sculpted in 1:9 Traditional scale. The entire series is expected to last 4-6 years with approximately one horse being released each year. Other horses, not related to the Dressage Series, will continue to be released in between these dressage horses.

The Dressage Series will close 1 year after the final horse is released, after which all 5 horses and the Artist's Gratitude Box will become unavailable.


Each Galliance, the first horse, will come with a 5% discount coupon for the next horse (or any subsequent horse) in the Dressage Series. The second horse will then come with a 10% discount coupon for the next and the discounts will continue to escalate until the series is complete. These coupons are only valid on horses in the Dressage Series and not other releases.

Each horse in the series will have the same base price, unless there are significant sizes differences due to the breeds being portrayed.

You do not have to purchase each horse the Dressage Series in order to avail of discounts. You may pick and choose which horses you'd like and still receive a discount coupon for the next or any of the subsequent releases within the Dressage Series.

Artist's Gratitude Box

For those who complete the entire collection, you will be sent the Artist's Gratitude Box as a symbol of my immense appreciation for everyone who continues to support my artwork. This box will contain a selection of model horse goodies and many of these items will be exclusive. The Artist's Gratitude Box is free of charge and will be shipped along side the final release in the series.